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About Us

Our Business Operations

Operated by its parent company, FiveFeed Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, PhD Thesis is not simply a firm that offers doctoral thesis help services. It is the united strength of our highly capable administrators, academic writers, statisticians, and academic editors who are ever-ready to offer the best of their professional experiences to help those PhD students who need personalised research documentation assistance with several aspects of their PhD theses, such as proposal or thesis writing and editing, research design, statistical data analysis, and chapter-wise thesis help through personal guidance.

Based in Karnataka, India, we offer transformational research support to PhD research scholars in all parts of the world. As we offer online research consultation, students can sit in any corner of the world and communicate with our top industry experts who can give them valuable research documentation tips and custom guidance on any research issue they may have. We understand all common research conduction and documentation issues that PhD scholars around the globe face. Thus, we have carefully designed each of our thesis help and PhD research consulting services to serve them on an individualised basis during the course of their doctoral research and afterwards. Our research guidance solutions aim to support doctoral students’ learning during the term of consultation.

The Specialty of Our Research Consulting Team

We claim our identity through the high quality of our research support services and the ability to serve all our clients in an overwhelming manner. In order to do this, we have hired acclaimed professional academic writers who themselves have been through all academic research stages that PhD candidates experience. Our academic writers and editors have a native command on the English language, and they are well aware of the global writing styles like APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, etc. Thus, they are able to support your research projects on all subjects and in varied academic areas.

Service Delivery and Our Strengths

  • Use of Modern Research Tools and Software: Besides our workforce skilled in research documentation processes, we possess all the latest technical and software tools to support our clients’ individual research requirements. Whether it is about an access to updated research databases and libraries or about using the latest statistical software for analysing your study data, we possess it all to help you gain an edge in your PhD research.
  • 24×7 Client Support: Our client services team is well aware of your time constraints as doctoral research scholars. Thus, it ensures to offer constant telephonic and online communication assistance so you may clear your doubts and gain feedback regarding your work at mutually convenient timings.
  • High-Quality Research Documentation Solutions: We understand that PhD theses and research papers are critical for your career. This motivates us to serve you in a flawless manner so no loopholes could hamper the approval of your research proposal, thesis, or journal paper. We assure to provide a comprehensive thesis or paper that fulfils all technical specifications demanded by you.
  • 100% Client Satisfaction: One of our major goals is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. Thus, we have set various quality measures to keep a track of the work quality we are providing to our clients. Additionally, we offer research documentation support and consultation to develop original content and research tools so there is no issue of plagiarism in client projects. We also ensure to follow up with each client through regular feedback on their PhD research documents.
  • Timely Delivery of Research Support Services: We guarantee to provide high-quality PhD research support services, but we work on the terms of our clients. Whether you need urgent thesis editing services or immediate help with thesis defence preparation, we provide timely guidance and help you develop your research documents to submit by your deadlines. With us, you will never miss any timeline.
  • Customised Research Documentation Services: Our PhD research documentation services are custom-designed for every client. We follow all the given writing and formatting style guidelines given by the concerned universities when it comes to developing or editing PhD theses, proposals, and research papers. Clients can share their specific requirements and concerns while discussing their research projects with our subject matter experts. We will guide them accordingly.

Getting associated with our academic research experts can help you gain more than expected from your doctoral degree program. You may browse through our research documentation and consulting services to place your order for the required service. To know more about our range of thesis help and PhD research consulting services, consultation process, and company operations, email us your enquiries at