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How important are regular supervisor meetings?

You are bound to have a PhD supervisor as a scholar. Sometimes you may even have two supervisors who are in charge of monitoring our progress and extending you support throughout your PhD journey. A supervisor is assigned with the duty to keep a track of the progress that you make and have your schedule…

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Is It a Good Idea to Work While Writing Thesis?

During the journey of thesis writing, the thing that scholars are most hard pressed on is “time”. This is all the more true if you work while you are doing PhD as being able to do justice to two things at the same time surely puts pressure in context to timings. Is it like, having…

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Get the Right Set of Skills beyond Your Research Arena!!

Getting a PhD is not necessarily a gate pass to the highly demanding corporate world, if that is your dream career. There does exist an industry PhD gap. By this gap I mean a gap between highly specialised PhD training and the expectations that the corporate world has from its industry friendly set of employees.…

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Weird Grammar Rules You Might Not Have Heard Of!!

Even if you are not a stickler for grammar, you PhD would demand from you to be immaculate in your grammar. Some scholars go forward and end up becoming grammar geeks because all the time they are busy in rectifying the grammatical errors in their writing. Here I will discuss some of the most unusual…

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Cautions for Using Footnotes

It is easy to find students making mistakes with footnotes as a lot of students use footnotes without actually knowing how they should be used precisely. The thumb rule says that if you do not know the way in which the footnotes should be used, then you perhaps should not use them at all. First…

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Who Is a Perfect Advisor?

It Is Very Difficult to Define a Perfect Advisor. However, Very Informally I Can Categorize Advisors into Two Categories: The One who manages more: How can I define an over ambitious advisor. Perhaps someone who is young, highly enthusiastic and has the energy and the inclination to simultaneously contribute towards each and every effort and…

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Different Classes of Reliability Estimates

 There are a lot of classes of Reliability Estimates. Some of the main ones are: Inter Rate Reliability:  This kind of reliability assesses the degree of agreement that is there between two or more raters in their appraisals. Test Re test Reliability: This is used for assessing the degree to which these scores have consistency…

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Two Main Goals: Time series

Time series has two main goals. The first goal is to identify the nature of the phenomenon that is represented by a sequence of observations and the second is to forecast, which means to predict the future values of the time series variable. The requirement of both these goals is that the pattern of the…

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