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Don’t Get Bogged Down by PhD

I have seen numerous PhD candidates highly obsessed with PhD, research and, dissertation, and this obsession either leads to success or depression. Working for long and extended hours on your Ph.D. research and be alert at the same time is next to impossible. Neither it is healthy nor is it producible to get seated and…

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What has life to offer you after PhD research?

As you are in your research journey, the stage determines your anxiety about what happens next. There of course is life after research but this question does become a crucial question for the life of all researchers. Usually, after a gruelling research journey, at a stage when you have submitted your thesis or waiting for…

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Descriptive Statistics: Essential and Indispensable in Research

Descriptive statistics gives simple summaries of the desired sample and about the different observations that are made by the researcher. They can be either quantitative or visual, whatever be the choice of the researcher. They come of use at many stages during the entire course of research. In some researches, descriptive statistics form the fundamental…

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