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Archive | PhD Thesis

25 proven tips for completing your PhD thesis

Documenting the results of years of PhD research into a single thesis can be a challenge for most PhD students. As a PhD research student, you want to quickly prepare and submit your thesis at the earliest. This article focusses on 25 proven tips that you can use to complete your thesis at the earliest:…

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Some Characteristics of A Poor Quality Thesis

Whatever you have learnt throughout your education, you use it or produce it in your thesis in some or the other way. However, the sad part is that a lot of dissertations show the author in not a very good light. You can get here a reasons that can make your dissertation fall short of…

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Can you write a PhD thesis in three months?

Most of the researchers are often on the verge of quitting after having struggled hard with their PhD. The motivation to get up each morning with the grilling stress to do research can actually take a terrible toll on your health and wellbeing and consequently pressurise you to   work no further and just give up. …

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