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Unconventional means to take notes for researchers

Unconventional means to take notes for researchers  Taking notes on paper seems to be the most ideal way of doing so. It indeed is the most convenient way but surely not the best method. The points just get fixed on the paper you write them upon. For more flexibility you can look for some other…

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Does using styles in Microsoft help in research?

Writing a thesis is nothing less than taxing. But the after task of doing a thesis, where   you have to make it look neat and consistent is also essential. It is an exhausting task at its own level. The respite that writers   have here, thanks to Microsoft word, is the option of “styles”. It makes…

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Is use of abbreviations good or bad for research?

When we talk of academic research, particularly in the genre of sciences, abbreviations are staple and indispensable.  They surely help to bring down the wordiness of complex sentences but there major use is down to bring down the word count of the manuscript and hence they are embraced in the academic community with a lot…

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Does It Matter to Have Plagiarism in References?

Have you ever gone in the history of the word plagiarism? Where does the origin of the word lie? It comes from the Latin word “plagiarius” which means “the kidnapper”. This pretty much makes the gravity of the offence of plagiarism quite clear.  It is necessary as a scholar to present the ideas you pick…

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Does Blogging of Your Doctoral Help?

How good an idea it is to post about research that is work in progress? In my opinion, there are surely some good reasons to do so and that is the reason that I often interrupt my normal flow of writing with research posts of my own research from time to time. I believe it…

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