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A fun filled writing session

Do we see words such as fun and laughter get along with PhD scholars? Presumably, the life of a PhD scholar is so gruelling that all things that related to relaxation and fun fly out of the window and everything that links to stress and anxiety becomes your partner for that duration. However, we see…

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Do you want to get your essay checked for free?

Once having completed your writing task, it is important to make sure that your document is nothing less than perfect before you actually hand it over fir review. If you are not careful and specific about it then the results that come then and after in terms of feedback will be difficult to digest  and…

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Can you write a PhD thesis in three months?

Most of the researchers are often on the verge of quitting after having struggled hard with their PhD. The motivation to get up each morning with the grilling stress to do research can actually take a terrible toll on your health and wellbeing and consequently pressurise you to   work no further and just give up. …

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Writing tips for a good essay

At the time when scholars are writing essays, there is always some unrest and feeling of anxiety whether your work would meet the expectations that have been set by the evaluators.   It is not every time that the review committee gives a good and constructive feedback   with all details about what was good or not…

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