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Do you want to get your essay checked for free?

Once having completed your writing task, it is important to make sure that your document is nothing less than perfect before you actually hand it over fir review. If you are not careful and specific about it then the results that come then and after in terms of feedback will be difficult to digest  and may give you a setback. If you really want to do good work then getting your work checked from someone is very important and what better than having a source that would check your work for you for free.  Today, let’s explore some options where you can get your work checked for free and ensure that you don’t have to face criticism or rejection because of careless mistakes:

 Your peer:  it is always good if students or fellow researchers follow a sense of extending a helping hand to each other as it not only is a good source of help for one another but also fosters the environment from stronger and healthier relationships with each other. Whenever you experience that a peer has checked your paper for you, you would feel that it has been a great learning experience for you too because to check someone else’s work, the only thing that is required is focus. Whenever, in reciprocation, you extend a similar helping hand to check a fellow mate’s paper, you could come across such useful and new idea in writing style that may not have occurred to you and learning from there you could incorporate it in your writing at a later stage or in the next attempt.

Tutor/supervisor:  whenever you begin writing your document, it is suggested to work hand in hand with your tutor so to be able to ensure that the best outcome is taken out. With the kind of experience and expertise that your tutor may have, the kind of inputs that he may give you could be way beyond your thought process or consideration. Remember, that your supervisor is your best teacher and how much ever tricky it may be to convince them to involve in your work or to help you, it is worth the effort. This is because then only can you make the best use of your association with them.

Librarian:  if you share a good and informal relationship with your librarian, then they could help to go through your work and find mistakes or give suggestions on how to improvise your document. Know that librarians are a treasure of information and this can become some very exclusive and handy support for your write up.



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  1. Shekhar July 28, 2016 at 4:11 am #

    Geeting the documents peer reviewed is necessary as our peers can suggest new ideas and share their viewpoint which can help our research grow fourfold.

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