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Guidelines for PhD Thesis

A PhD thesis is the most important document of your entire academic career. The writing of your thesis will display your understanding of your subject, as well as the entire process of research. It shows your grasp on the concepts, theories, and methodologies linked to your research and in general. Thus, you must write your PhD thesis in the right manner, because it is the only gateway for you to acquire your doctoral degree. There are certain guidelines for PhD thesis writing that you must follow. Find out our listing of some of the major pointers that you must not ignore while developing your PhD thesis.

The most critical guidelines for PhD thesis writing:

  • Proper formatting: Formatting is a major aspect to give a good look and feel to your thesis document. Therefore, you must check formatting aspects, such as the font size and styles, heading and sub-heading styles, the topics, and the part of text to be typed in single space and double space in a thesis.
  • Creating chapter scheme: The entire research work gets divided into chapters in a thesis. It is essential to decide how many chapters to include in your thesis. Ideally, you must follow the chapter scheme if it has been set in the guidelines of your academic institution. If there is no such scheme mentioned in the institutional guidelines, then you should consult your supervisor regarding this, as missing any bit of it can cost you heavily.
  • Define the boundaries of writing: Be clear about the word limits of your thesis and the number of pages to include in it. Additionally, check the page size and margin to keep on every page of your thesis. Once again, you must follow the guidelines issued by your academic institution or university.
  • Graphic elements formatting: The graphs, tables, and illustrations must be there with appropriate captions, and the numerical figures should be right in the tables and graphs. Do not neglect this aspect, thinking that it is a minor issue. When your work is assessed by the review committee, the members may check every inch of your document.
  • Compliance with the custom writing style: It is important to know the proper way of writing a thesis. Your doctoral research work must get presented in the right format. Use the custom formatting style suggested in the instructions given by your university. This style could be APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, or any other mentioned in the instructions.
  • Mandatory inclusions: Your thesis must include the Cover page, Title page, Acknowledgements, Certificate by your guide, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Illustrations, List of Abbreviations, and Synopsis.
  • Include the default chapters: The content of your thesis always includes the chapters on Introduction, Literature Review, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. You will even find them mentioned in the guidelines of your university, as these are the basic mandatory chapters every thesis has to have.
  • Proper referencing/citation and plagiarism removal: It is also important to mention the sources of information that you have used during your research work in the References section. The quotations or any quoted text used in your thesis should also be followed by properly formatted citations. Your thesis work must be devoid of plagiarism, and for that reason, you must mention the details of the sources that you have used. You must also conduct a plagiarism check on the completed thesis. This will let you know of any content that is plagiarised and you will be able to make corrections or replace that portion of content with an originally written piece of content. Make sure that your thesis has no plagiarism.
  • Thesis editing and proofreading: The editing and proofreading of your thesis is very important, and it would be easy if you take help from a professional academic editor or proofreader who has good grasp of native English language and formatting rules followed globally for research work. Get your thesis checked by your guide so that in case there are any mistakes, you can get to know it before submission.

You must adhere to the guidelines of writing a PhD thesis that are laid by the university from which you are pursuing your PhD course. If you need more assistance with PhD thesis development or more writing tips, then contact our team at