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Guidelines for PhD Thesis

You must write PhD thesis in a right way because it is the only gateway for you to acquire the doctoral degree. There are certain guidelines for writing a PhD thesis, and you must follow them.

Following are the guidelines for writing PhD thesis:

  • You must check the font size of headings, sub-headings, topics and what part of text to be typed in single space and double space in a thesis.
  • The research work gets divided into chapters in a thesis. It is essential to decide about how many chapters to include in the thesis.
  • Get clear about the word limit of the thesis and the number of pages to include in it. Also check about what page size and how much margin to keep in every page of thesis.
  • The graphs, tables and illustrations must be there with the captions and the numerical figures should be right in tables and graphs.
  • It is important to know the proper way of writing the thesis. Your research work must get presented in a right format.
  • Your thesis includes the Cover page, Title page, Acknowledgements, Certificate by your guide, Table of contents, List of Figures, Tables, Illustrations, List of Abbreviations and Synopsis.
  • The content of your thesis includes Introduction, Literature Review, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.
  • It is also important to mention the sources of information that you have used during your research work in the references section. Your thesis work must be devoid of plagiarism, and for that you must mention the details of the sources that you have used.
  • The editing and proofreading of your thesis is very important, and it would be easy if you take help from a professional who has good grasp over written English. Get your thesis checked by your guide so that in case there are any mistakes, you can get to know it before submitting it.

You must adhere to the guidelines of writing PhD laid by the university from which you are pursuing your PhD course.