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Manage Your Thesis

Your PhD thesis is the ultimate result of your research work. Writing a thesis is an integral part of a PhD course, and you must know how to manage your thesis so you can submit it timely. While it is important to meet the academic writing guidelines provided by your university, it is also essential to get ready with your research documents to submit them by the university-given deadlines.

Managing your thesis work could become easier if you do some time and work planning. Here are some ways to manage your thesis effectively:

  • Strategic work planning: Before starting your thesis work, make a plan in which you break the entire project into smaller work segments and then start working on those segments one by one. Define the deadlines for completing each of the sections so your entire thesis project can be completed timely. Remember not to plan huge writing goals for each day, as that may demotivate you. Make short goals that are achievable within the set time. Be dedicated towards achieving your goals daily.
  • Chapter writing plan: You can make a list of chapters that you will include in your thesis. Do it according to the guidelines that your academic institution has provided. You must also be clear about the titles and the word limits for each chapter. Write every chapter one by one and ensure that there is a proper flow of content between the chapters. In fact, the flow of content should exist between sentences, paragraphs, sections, and chapters. It is highly important to develop a logical and concise thesis document that your target readers can easily comprehend.
  • Additionally time-consuming tasks management: You must also know the time it may take to review the literature and collect the research data. Keep aside time for these activities so it does not disturb your writing work plan. Usually, it takes about two to three months for each of these activities to complete satisfactorily. However, this may also depend on your type of study.
  • Manage literature review for quick and accurate referencing: Whatever information you are taking as a support for your research work, make a list of its sources so you can mention them all in your thesis. Citing your sources or referencing is a mandatory aspect that must be done in the format described by your academic institution. You may need to follow a format like CMS, APA, MLA, or any other. Additionally, it becomes easier if you have knowledge of the particular style you have to follow while writing your thesis. It is also helpful to take notes of reference sources in an organised manner, as it would save time while preparing the list of your references.
  • Time management: Make a timetable so you can give sufficient number of hours daily to your thesis work. In case you are working somewhere and pursuing PhD as a part-time or distance learning program, then it is very important that you create a balance between your job and thesis work.
  • Handling short writing tasks quickly: There are certain parts, such as acknowledgement, abstract, synopsis, and bibliography, which you must include in your thesis. These parts do not take much time to develop. Thus, make a plan to complete them on time. When you do not feel like doing hard-core writing, you can take up these tasks.
  • Seek supervisor help: Take consultation from a guide and make him/her aware of your progress on the thesis work. If you are going wrong, then your guide will tell you and help you in extracting mistakes timely. If there are any doubts, then do get them cleared by your guide. If you feel you need extra help with thesis development or management, then you may also seek professional services from an expert academic writer and consultant.
  • Timely thesis editing and proofreading: There is a deadline for submitting a thesis. Thus, get your thesis edited and proofread by an expert academic editor/proofreader, before your submission deadline sits on your head. Professional editing and proofreading will make your work free of all linguistic and formatting errors, as well as polish it for scholarly language use and presentation.

You should be confident of your PhD thesis at the time of submission, and that could only be possible if you complete each stage of your thesis on time. For further tips on thesis management, simply communicate with us at