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Proposal Stage

While not every academic institution demands a thesis proposal, it is a critical aspect of research in cases where PhD scholars have to submit it as part of a major requirement. If it is also a stringent requirement for you to prepare and submit a proposal for your planned research, then it is very important to consider certain aspects that can help you come up with a wonderful proposal.

As your thesis proposal forms the foundation of your entire research project, it must be done with extreme care. If you are able to prepare your research proposal in a satisfactory manner, then the work for thesis will become much easier for you. At PhD Thesis, we provide comprehensive assistance for writing a clear and crisp thesis proposal.

Preparation at the Proposal Stage

Here are some factors we take into account before we help you develop a thesis proposal:

  • It is highly important for us to check that you are ready with a unique and interesting research topic, as well as well-planned research design before you give it the right shape in your thesis proposal.
  • We understand your proposed study well and know the word limits and proposal structure that has been demanded by your academic institution. We also ensure to follow the writing style and format, such as Harvard or APA, which is a part of your university’s requirements.
  • Another important consideration is to best describe the questions you would be taking up in your thesis proposal when we help you write its introduction or literature review sections. We want that you are clear about your proposed research’s objectives before we help you develop it in the form of a proposal.
  • Further, we see to it that you have finalised the methodology you would take up in your proposed study, as well as other intended activities like sampling, subject selection, and research tools and techniques.
  • We receive complete clarity on the limitations and contributions of your proposed study so we may highlight the significance of your work in your proposal. This is what will give a convincing power to your research proposal.

The Steps We Help You Take

At the proposal stage of your research, we not only help you write this document in full flair, but also get your ready with a good topic, methodology, research design, and more. Find out the steps we help you take:

  • Topics Consulting: The process of research starts with topic selection, and our services commence from here as well. There is nothing worse than selecting a topic that does not match your interests or fails to create opportunities for you. We ensure that your research topic is interesting and it has a wide scope for research. We have a number of resources to find the most suitable topic on which you may work. The first is the list of topics that our mentors have prepared for every domain. This list has been prepared after extensive research and is updated regularly to include new topics. Secondly, there are several journals that we refer to in order to find the issues in vogue. Through a collaborative process, we seek a topic that will enhance the worth of your research project.
  • Synopsis Writing: At the second step, we help you write the introduction and literature review, along with other sections of your thesis proposal. Here, you mention about the prior theories and research work that you will refer with regard to your proposed study. Through our treasure of online and offline libraries, we find such reference books and journals that will form a strong base for your project. We also help you to follow the correct structure for writing these sections. You can inform us about the writing style your university has suggested so we can comply with the same while offering you writing help.
  • Research Design: The design of a research is also a critical part of your thesis proposal, and we assist you in taking all the important decisions regarding this section. We guide you to select an appropriate methodology and explain how it is to be implemented. We also help you choose a suitable sample size and appropriate methods of data collection. Our statisticians help to finalise the data analysis tools that you will use in your study.

Thus, we are there with you at every step of the creation of your research synopsis. To know more about the way we can help you, simply get in touch with us at