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Synopsis Writing

The Significance of an Effectively Written Synopsis

Developing a thesis synopsis or proposal is usually the first step toward proceeding on your research. A good thesis proposal can get you admitted in certain universities for your PhD program. Besides that, most of the universities go through your proposal in order to let you work on a specific research project. This is why the proposal stage is considered critical in determining the scope of your research work.

While writing a synopsis is important, it is also necessary to plan your writing. You must be very clear about the objective of your proposed study, as well as the methods and study design you will follow to achieve that objective. You will also have to conduct relevant literature review to back up your research proposal. If any aspect of this document goes weaker in knees, then your entire synopsis may go non-persuasive. To get your proposed study going, it is highly essential that you develop it using persuasive language so your supervisors may understand your proposed idea and the way you would proceed on it.

Features of Our Synopsis Writing Service

Considering the above aspects, it becomes essential for you to concentrate on the development of an effective thesis proposal or synopsis. At PhD Thesis, we help you to write a synopsis that possesses the capability of getting your proposed research approved by your university supervisors. Moreover, our expert native English writers make this task simpler for you, as they are fully aware of the common university criteria for developing a study synopsis. The following are some of the salient features of our synopsis writing service executed by our academic writing experts:

  • Compliance with Custom Format: During synopsis writing, we make sure that all your university’s writing style and format guidelines are followed. We not only ensure to follow the synopsis structure recommended by your university, but also comply with the custom writing style or format, as stated by your academic institution. Whether it is the APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, or any other format, we go according to your guidelines. We follow the required format throughout the synopsis document, as well as for citation purposes.
  • Accurate Structuring: We ensure that all the required elements of a thesis synopsis are kept intact in a precise manner. We start by giving a proper introduction to your proposed study and review the relevant literature in these sections. Our writers gather all your inputs before giving a brief on your proposed study methodology, as well as the likely outcomes and limitations of your PhD research work.
  • Making the Content Persuasive: When our academic writers work on your thesis synopsis, they majorly focus on presenting your research-related thoughts and ideas in a crisp and clear manner. They make your content logical by weaving your ideas in a meaningful manner. By providing a strong theoretical background, they clarify your research objectives and highlight the significance and likely contributions of your study. This gives the required persuasive power to your thesis synopsis. As we want you to keep a balanced viewpoint while developing this document, we also help you present your study’s limitations very genuinely. This can leave a lasting impression on your supervisors.
  • Compliance with Given Word Limits: The length of your study synopsis is set in accordance with what your academic institution’s guidelines suggest. This can also be tailored as per individual client requirements. It is highly important to stay within the given word limits, as a deviation from the standards can be a spoiler of the very first impression you want to create on your supervisors.
  • Zero Language and Format Errors: Our academic writers are detail oriented and ensure to create a well-readable synopsis that eliminates the chances of its rejection. Thus, they ensure to check your synopsis repeatedly to eliminate every single error of language or format that may exist in the document. They check the grammar, spellings, punctuations, styles, and the overall use of language in your work. We only deliver a zero-language/format error document to you.
  • A Flexible Writing Approach: We help you adopt a flexible approach while presenting your research ideas in your thesis synopsis. As it is a proposed work of research, you cannot be rigid or stringent with your ideas. A few of your ideas may change over the course of actual study. We also ensure that you do not sound arrogant in your writing and present your proposal in an assertive and balanced way that presents both sides of the coin. While it is important to highlight the likely contributions and importance of your proposed work, it is equally essential not to hide any weaknesses or limitations of your proposed study.

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