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Topics Consultation

What is the Need of a Topic at the Proposal Stage?

Many PhD scholars have this question in mind when they have to get a thesis proposal ready to submit. However, let us tell you that you need a good topic of PhD research before you even think of writing a proposal. It is critical to have a study topic, if not the finalised topic, to present your thesis proposal to supervisors. Your research topic is what can guide the direction of your entire study and its elements.

For instance, you cannot proceed to choose your methodology, study design, data collection tools, and analytical techniques until you are ready with a clear problem to work on. As a proposal is the base of a thesis, a topic is the base of a proposal. Thus, be ready with a topic that has something significant to contribute to your area of research.

Our Topics Consultation Service at Your Help

Is the selection of a good topic for your doctoral research boggling your mind? You really do not have to worry when our research experts are there to provide topics consultation to you. Our academic consultants are experienced of all the titbits that you usually taste at the proposal development stage. They understand that it is not a piece of cake to come up with an excellent research topic that is capable of giving a boost to your career in future. That is the reason they analyse several different aspects before giving a choice of some suitable topics for your study.

Our Considerations during the Delivery of Topics Consultation Service

  • Your Interests and Ideas: Our research professionals consider your perspective and suggestions regarding the work you would want to take up. They also try to understand your career plans and academic interests. Based on these factors and the research trends in your subject area, they shortlist suitable and interesting topics for you.
  • Literature Gaps: Our advisors also review the current literature in shortlisted subject areas and analyse the scope of all suggested research topics. They discuss the scope of a topic, as well as its significance with you before giving you the right choices. To do this, they analyse the entire context and find out the existing gaps in literature. This helps them point out the specific areas that have scope for exploration. Accordingly, they guide you to narrow down the list to certain specific topics that would fit your ideas, preferences, and interests well. You can then choose the most suitable topic out of that narrowed list.
  • Personalised Discussion to Know Your Skill Set: You may further evaluate the worth of taking up a topic after having a discussion with our research advisor or consultant. An assigned expert from our side personally communicates to set up a convenient time to work with you. We understand that time is a crucial factor for any research scholar. Therefore, our research advisory staff members carry flexible schedules to match your availability. We always target at selecting feasible research topics that could also match your skill set and priorities. Our academic advisors determine what your capabilities, as well as your knowledge and inclination. They also try to understand your personal and career priorities so they can offer the best of topic choices accordingly.
  • Intensive Background Research: Our academic experts go into the depths of the subject areas of your interest and explore them through intensive research using a variety of informational resources accessible to us. We have access to several journal databases, online libraries, research magazines, and more. This helps our research experts in finding the topics with scope for further research.
  • Feasibility of Topics: It is very important that your chosen research topic makes it feasible for you to conduct research on it. Sometimes, a research topic may seem interesting, but students may not have enough resources or funding available to make it happen. Thus, our research experts judge the feasibility of all the topics they shortlist for you. They consider your financial, knowledge, and informational resources to judge the suitability of topics so your research becomes manageable when you actually conduct it. They also make sure that your topic is not too wide to be vague and not too narrow to be non-contributory.

Through our topics consultation service, our aim is to give you a research problem that could be solved in a manageable timeframe and that could lead to your overall academic growth. Be assured that your selected topic would be worthy of your time investment. If you need further information on our topics consultation service, then you may get in touch with us at