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Questionnaire Design

Why Seek Professional Help with Questionnaire Development

A questionnaire is the basic requirement when you are set to collect data for your research work. It is like a standardised tool that can be applied on all your subjects in the same manner. Thus, it is critical to include all appropriate and relevant questions in a research questionnaire. In addition, one must assure that the set of questions in a questionnaire could be applied to any of your subjects. If any questions are not valid for a certain subject, those should be avoided to be included in your questionnaire.

As questionnaire design has these and many other issues involved, it is always better to save your time and efforts by seeking professional help with questionnaire design. At PhD Thesis, we have a dedicated service for designing your data collection tools, including questionnaires and surveys. Our research experts and statisticians can design reliable and valid tools of study that can be applied on your entire sample or population uniformly. Find out how our expert statisticians can assist you effectively with this critical task.

Multiple Aspects of Our Questionnaire Design Service

We consider all the above-mentioned factors and more while we design a questionnaire for any of our clients. Here is what we majorly do:

  • Getting relevant information: We make sure that your study questionnaire is developed with an aim to elicit only the relevant information per your study objectives. Ultimately, a questionnaire should help you answer all your research questions.
  • Precision to achieve study goals: Another aspect that we consider while designing a questionnaire is to make it very accurate for your particular study. Our experts carefully understand the goals and design of your study in order to provide the best data collection tool to you.
  • Open- and close-ended questions: We help you in designing both open-ended and close-ended questions. This depends on the way you want to capture your data for your specific research. It may also depend on your study type, whether it is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed design research.
  • Questions for easy interpretation: Further, we ensure that your questionnaire is designed with such questions that can make it easier for you to later analyse and interpret the responses to them. For this purpose, we word them carefully and offer clear instruction for respondents.
  • Ethical questionnaire design: We guide you to design questions after considering your target respondents. It also depends on the information that you need to collect. Every question is designed accurately and in an ethical manner.
  • Avoiding inappropriate questions: We help you avoid the inclusion of double-meaning questions, sensitive questions, and other annoying questions in your survey or questionnaire. It is necessary to ensure that your questions do not hurt the feelings and sentiments of your respondents.
  • Making the questionnaire flawless: After your questionnaire is designed, we check it for the correctness of language and format. We clear it of every single error, whether it be of grammar or margins. We also apply the apt rating scale, checklist, or similar response options to it.
  • Reliability and validity testing: We apply the developed questionnaire on a small sample to test its reliability and validity. It is very important that your study tool is reliable when used repeatedly under same conditions. It has to be a standardised tool of study.

Gain an Edge with an Effective Data Collection Tool

Our statistical experts have an intensive knowledge of several ratings scales, question types, ethical issues, reliability and validity factors, etc. Thus, they are able to provide an objective set of enquiries in the form of a questionnaire. Designing a questionnaire is not simply taking some raw data and converting it into usable information. It takes the detailed knowledge of a wide range of statistical methods and techniques, as well as research methods to be able to design a wonderful surveying tool.

As our statistical experts possess the experience of developing a variety of data collection tools for PhD candidates working in varied academic domains, they are skilled to handle every minor aspect of developing a study questionnaire for you. To know more about the way we can assist you, send us an enquiry email at