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Drafting of thesis chapters

It is definitely a complex and challenging task to write a 100-200 page PhD thesis without committing any linguistic errors. However, our expert academic writers make the drafting of thesis chapters easier for you by investing their research experience in your doctoral thesis. They are always ready to offer professional writing assistance for your complete thesis, as well as for the drafting of thesis chapters you need help on. At PhD Thesis, we consider your work as our own and make it so clean that even experienced reviewers would not be able to reject it because of any readability, language, or presentation issues.

How We Go About Offering Thesis Writing Consultation

  • Compliance with custom writing style/format: Whether your university asks you to follow the APA or the Harvard style guide, we ensure that you do not struggle with these professional styles. Our native English writers are well aware of all professional writing styles, and they incorporate these styles while developing a draft for you. In addition to this, you may inform us about your university guidelines so all the required writing and formatting instructions could be followed by our academic writers during the development of your thesis.
  • Linguistically flawless and enriched thesis writing solutions: At PhD Thesis, our academic writers write your thesis that is free of all types of linguistic errors, ranging from those of grammar, spelling, and punctuation to those of sentence structure and logic. Our academic writers only use the native writing style of the English language and enriched vocabulary that well clarifies the meaning of content. We also conduct stringent quality checks on the developed thesis draft so it does not contain any mistakes of language.
  • Plagiarism-free writing: With our expert native English writers, you will not face the issues of plagiarism in your work. We never encourage copy-paste solutions in your thesis and make it fully authentic and free of all kinds of plagiarism. We do original thesis writing.
  • Chapter-wise writing guidance: As we pay close attention to the development of each chapter, we offer custom chapter-wise guidance from Introduction to Conclusion. We ensure that each chapter’s content is written in a logical and structured way. We also make sure that the entire content from each chapter stays focused on your research problem.
  • Flexible writing service packages: We offer flexible and affordable writing packages to our clients based on the full or partial writing help they avail for thesis development. Thus, you also have the flexibility to select a suitable package per your requirements. All our service packages are cost effective to suit your budget.
  • Constant feedback: Our interactive support network is accessible to you at your convenience. Therefore, you can be well assured of receiving constant feedback on your work and its progress. We maintain high work standards on all our assignments and offer you a complete range of thesis writing services in all subject areas.
  • Personalised and timely writing help: You can additionally be assured of the originality and timeliness of the work done by us. We try to develop engaging content for your thesis that is also concise and well presented. Our constant interaction with you allows us to make any changes to your document timely and in accordance with your custom requirements. In fact, we first understand your research project thoroughly, before helping you to write your thesis. Our writing consultation is customised to your project needs.

Thus, if you also want our writers to assist you with thesis drafting or writing, simply send us an enquiry email at Our representatives would be happy to serve you.