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Thesis Completion Stage

When you are close to finalising your PhD thesis, each and every step must be calculated, so as to avoid any errors in the eleventh hour. After documenting your PhD thesis, you need to take a few final steps before you are ready to place your thesis in front of your review committee. We guide doctoral research researchers through these final stages, to make sure that they get the due result for their hard work. The activities to be undertaken at the thesis completion stage are as follows:

  • Editing and Proofreading: During editing, your entire thesis is thoroughly reviewed. Many aspects, including language, grammar, spellings, and structural coherence are checked by our editors in compliance with the writing style guidelines (like APA, Harvard, or Chicago) recommended by your university. While editing goes into the deeper details of the content writing, use of language, and content presentation, our proofreading service takes care of the basic linguistic and formatting errors that may be present in your thesis. Our team has experienced academic editors and proofreaders with subject matter expertise in their respective domains; hence, they are able to judge the sanctity of the thesis content as well.
  • Formatting: The format and presentation style play a big role in deciding how your thesis is perceived and judged by your review committee. Formatting of a thesis also improves the readability of your content that creates a positive impression on your target readers. Under our formatting service, we assess the logical flow between chapters, the placement and labelling of images and tables, the layout of index and bibliography, etc. The citations are also closely examined. However, this is not a comprehensive list. We take care of every single formatting guideline offered by your academic institution and work on your thesis accordingly.
  • Defence Preparation: We understand the stress when you reach a stage where your thesis defence session starts approaching. Thus, we also prepare you for defending your thesis. You need ample confidence to face a committee of eminent academicians. Our mock Q&A sessions and explanations and guidance on each thesis chapter ensure that you know your report inside out and that you can justify each point with conviction. We also give tips to stay cool and confident throughout your defence session, as well as to handle the complex situations that may occur while answering questions of the review committee. Remember that confidence boosting is very important when you reach the thesis completion stage. It is the question of justifying your hard work done through years of PhD research.
  • Research Paper Writing: Many research scholars wish to write their research papers as soon as they complete their theses, as the former is inspired from the latter. They intend to get their papers published soon after getting their PhD degrees. We help them prepare a paper that is flawless and that has all the required qualities to be approved soon after submission to a journal. We also help PhD scholars in meeting the writing style and formatting guidelines provided by a selected journal. Our research paper writing guidance reduces the stress of PhD scholars majorly at the thesis completion stage.

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