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Defense Preparation

Your doctoral research work does not merely finish with the development of a good thesis. It is also essential to present it in an equally effective manner. The final test of your skills is taken when you give a thesis defence presentation in front of your approving authorities. If you have the flair to defend your research work in an excellent manner, then it can be proved that you have actually mastered your PhD. If you are facing any hitches before the final act, then we are available to hold your hand and support your thesis defence preparation.

Features of Our Thesis Defence Preparation Consulting Service

  • Expert research consultants for guidance: We have a strong team of professional research consultants who have themselves faced thesis defence sessions and have several paper presentations at various platforms. Thus, our research consultants can offer the best of guidance on defence preparation and tips on handling your thesis defence session with full confidence.
  • Tips to deal with the committee’s questions: We prepare you for doing the best defence against the questions of your thesis committee members. Our expert research consultants help you understand that a solid preparation of your thesis would offer confidence to handle your viva. Whether you face a real simple defence schedule or a grilling one, our assistance will always make you deal with the toughest of situations and most complex of questions in an easy way. Our research consultants help you in handling all types of questions on various aspects of your PhD work. Even if you are not confident of certain types of queries that may come up in your session, they can prepare you for the unexpected.
  • Guidance on your professional grooming: Additionally, we help you present yourself in a professional manner when you appear before the committee. You are given serious tips and feedbacks after a consideration of your personality type and behaviour. We help you maintain a cool head and present your personality in an impressive manner during your thesis defence session. While you may find it insignificant, your personality can reflect your confidence and boost you up mentally. We even offer pre-preparation tips that help in removing stress or nervousness before or during the actual thesis defence session.
  • Presentation help: Our team of research experts carefully reviews your thesis and prepares mock questions that could help you deal with awkward or thorny issues in the real situation. We also hold mock sessions with you and provide supportive feedback so you may work on any present weaknesses. Thus, you are scientifically prepared to defend yourself in a situation where sudden questions could be thrown on you. In addition, our research consultants help you in designing and understanding your presentation so you can put across your ideas in a clear manner.
  • Individualised help: Be sure that you will be guided only by a subject matter expert in your academic domain. Our expert research consultant will offer individualised help to prepare you with their custom thesis defence tips for you. As your mentor will have a good knowledge of your subject and your specific research project, he/she will help you understand the topics that you may find difficult. Our research consultant will interact with you through audio or video conferences or similar means ensuring effective communication.

Our research experts instil confidence in you by guiding you on essential listening and answering skills. They help you tackle a pressurising situation by maintaining your cool. If you also wish to learn the art of justifying yourself and telling your story in an impressive manner, then you may get in touch with our research experts by sending an enquiry email at