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Editing and Proofreading Services

There is absolutely no scope for linguistic or formatting errors and meaninglessness in a PhD thesis. Whether you are submitting your work to gain your PhD degree or to get it published in a reputed journal, you cannot take a chance with grammatical or content-related errors in your thesis or research paper.

Thus, it is extremely important to review your thesis or research paper after completion. At this stage, you would need a native command of the language to identify and correct any errors in your initial draft. If you think you would still leave errors in your paper, then it is time to get assistance from professional academic editors/proofreaders.

Professional Editing/Proofreading Solutions at PhD Thesis

Getting your PhD thesis edited from an expert will close all linguistic and formatting loopholes in your work. The same is our aim when we provide editing and proofreading services to our clients. At PhD Thesis, we help all doctoral research scholars, whether they need a quick proofreading of their theses to fix the basic linguistic and formatting errors or require detailed thesis editing to also improve its content quality and add value to it. Here are the major highlights of our editing and proofreading services:

  • Expert academic editors and proofreaders: We know that you are engrossed in multiple activities as part of your PhD degree and do not have much time to invest in reviewing your work from an objective viewpoint. Thus, we make sure that your work remains perfect on readability standards. That is the reason we hire experienced academic editors and proofreaders who are aware of global editing styles and standards. Our professionals edit or proofread your work in accordance with the prescribed guidelines of your academic institution.
  • Allocation of a subject matter expert: As it is very important to understand the subject matter of a thesis before editing it in complete detail, we only allocate a subject matter expert to your project. Our academic editors and proofreaders have strong academic backgrounds in different subject areas. Thus, we always have a specialist to work on your specific thesis.
  • Removal of all linguistic and formatting errors: Our academic editors/proofreaders ensure to scan your entire thesis word by word and remove every single error of language and format. While our proofreaders take care of the basic linguistic or formatting mistakes like those of grammar, spelling, punctuation, or format inconsistency, our academic editors go a step further and work on content structure and logic. They enhance your work by connecting your ideas mentioned in different chapters and sections. This make your content well readable, comprehensive, and meaningful for target readers.
  • Plagiarism-free, institutional format-compliant content: Our editing service takes care of plagiarism issues in your thesis. If any type of plagiarism is detected in your work, then our academic editors ensure to correct it. They may work on quotations, citations, and references according to the formatting style suggested by your university or chosen journal. These styles may include APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, or any other. Our academic editors may also rewrite a piece of content, if required to remove plagiarism.

Getting Your Thesis Edited Vs. Proofread

Research scholars often get confused before hiring an editor or proofreader for their projects. Thus, it is important to clear your confusion. Our editing service is suitable for every scholar who needs assistance in improving the content of their thesis, along with the removal of errors of language and format. Editing helps all ESL students who may not have a native command on the English language. It also helps when a student may not be aware of the right formatting style to follow or may simply not have the time to review the first draft of thesis.

While editing shapes your content to make it clear, concise, and comprehensive, proofreading majorly focuses on the correction of such basic linguistic and formatting errors that may have been left in your thesis by chance or due to ignorance or neglect. Our proofreading service does not improve your content structure or organise your content. It only attends to the basic mistakes of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, heading/sub-heading style, font size/style, headers and footers, bulleting consistency, etc. Thus, go for proofreading if you are a native writer with a good command on the language and may not require much help with styling and organisation of your content.

To increase the chances of approval of your thesis, never compromise on the way it is written. Your hard work can also be readily dumped if it is not presented in a comprehensive and readable manner. Allow our academic editors and proofreaders to help you shape your work to perfection. To know more about our thesis editing and proofreading services, contact us at