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Thesis Writing Stage

Thesis Design Support by Professional Academic Writers and Statisticians

During the process of research, the most critical aspect is of research documentation in the form of a thesis. PhD scholars have to be very careful while designing every chapter of their theses and presenting their ideas, theories, facts, methods, and analyses in a crisp, accurate, and clear manner. They have to display their knowledge of the entire research process, along with their subject knowledge in a thesis. All this can be a challenge when the time is limited.

Thus, writing a thesis is not simple at all; it is a complicated task with many stages and processes. Hence, doctoral research scholars are bound to get confused at times. However, we are there to show the right direction and help them prepare an impressive thesis with all its required features. Ranging from chapter writing to the design of data collection tools and data analysis techniques, we help PhD scholars at every step of their thesis documentation. The thesis writing stage can be segregated into the following:

  • Drafting the Chapters: The chapters that a thesis must have are Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion. We help PhD students frame the chapters in a structured and well-formatted manner. The basic content for the chapters is provided by the scholars, based upon the study that they conduct. We follow academic language and citation rules while drafting the chapters. We ensure that we only follow the writing styles and standards like Harvard, APA, CMS, or others that have been recommended by the concerned universities. We also ensure that you develop a plagiarism-free thesis that is accurate in terms of native English language and format.
  • Questionnaire Design: For the collection of data, a suitable questionnaire has to be framed. It must be easy to understand and well planned to enable the collection of data that is essential for the study. We draft questionnaires for survey, as well as for personal or telephonic interviews. We help you design open-ended and close-ended, and structured and semi-structured questionnaires, as required by your specific research and its objectives. A test is done for the developed questionnaires to ensure that they are effective in eliciting the responses from respondents, and thus, the required information for the study. With us, you can be sure of receiving a reliable and valid tool of data collection.
  • Data Analysis: The data analysis task is the most complicated one. The implementation of tools and tests has to be done with 100% accuracy and the results must be verified. Our PhD statisticians choose the most suitable tests for every study and apply them with precision when it comes to research data analysis. The modules and tables are prepared in collaboration with PhD scholars. Our statisticians also interpret the results and present them in the required format. At PhD Thesis, you can request our statisticians to use any latest statistical software to analyse your data. Check the software package recommended by your university, such as SPSS, SAS, NVivo, Excel, or any other. We will work on the same.
  • Simulation/Implementation: Often, there are large quantities of data to be analysed, which cause a difficulty to scholars. Our simulation and the implementation of simulated results ensures that the work is completed in the least duration and is completely accurate. Our statisticians can help you with various tools of simulation like MATLAB or Simulink, which can make your analytical tasks easier and help you arrive at interesting findings.

How Our Thesis Writing Solutions Benefit You

When you have to draft your PhD thesis, it is not simply about writing flawlessly. You definitely have to concentrate on the language and writing style you use, but you also have to maintain a proper thesis structure, bring logic and meaningfulness to your content, design your data collection tools precisely, and analyse your data quickly and efficiently to save your time and efforts while bringing out useful results.

All this can be possible without an issue at PhD Thesis. We have professional native English writers, academic editors, and statisticians, as well as experienced research advisors to guide you on the right path whenever you have any writing problem during the process of thesis development. Thus, we offer comprehensive help from one end of your research to the other and help you sail through your thesis writing stage successfully.

Send your research notes and the rough draft of your thesis to us. Whether it is an experiment, ethnography, or case study, we handle documentation for all types of doctoral research. For further information, you may write to us at