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Why Choose Us?

While you may explore several service providers when it comes to the receipt of PhD research consultation or thesis help, PhD Thesis can make your experience extraordinary. We not only offer support at every stage of your doctoral research, but also provide individualised thesis development assistance by a professional team of academic editors and native English writers, as well as statisticians and research consultants. We have an efficient client service team to assist you 24×7 with all your service-related queries. Although it may not appear very special to you, we want to tell you how we differentiate our solutions from what you can receive from any other service provider.

  • Comprehensive PhD Research Help at Our One-Stop Shop
    The most important reason you should choose us to assist you with your PhD thesis is that we offer a complete range of doctoral research support services under one roof. Our qualified research professionals are always eager to guide you at every step of your research journey. We not only cover the writing and editing part of your doctoral-level thesis, but also help you create a good thesis proposal, analyse and interpret research data, develop a conference paper, and support research paper publication in well-suited journals. Our native English writers, academic editors, and statisticians assist you at all stages of your thesis development.
  • Customised Thesis/Research Paper Writing and Editing Solutions
    If you find challenges on the language front while writing a thesis or research paper, then you may seek customised assistance from our expert native English writers who help you to develop a comprehensive, concise, and clear research document based on your specific writing requirements. On the other hand, we polish your thesis work by editing it thoroughly and removing every single mistake of language and format.

    You can improve your grades by taking consultation from our academic writers and editors who can guide you on any issue related to thesis/research paper development, ranging from the selection of a suitable research design to the final presentation of your research paper. Our research consultants always take into account the custom academic writing styles and formats (like APA, Chicago, Harvard, and others) suggested by your university in case of thesis design and by your chosen publication in case of research paper design. We assure you that we never deviate from the standards defines by your university or selected publication.

  • An Experienced Team of Native English Writers, Statisticians, and Academic Editors
    Our advisors are such research experts who possess the knowledge in almost all academic domains, including physical and social sciences, management, humanities, medical sciences, and engineering. Our team of statisticians guides you on the most effective data analysis techniques according to the design of your research. They also help you present your qualitative and quantitative data using all latest software and effective graphics. In addition, our statisticians assist you with simulation implementation as per the needs of your study. Further, our native English writers leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you design a linguistically flawless and impressive PhD thesis, proposal, or research paper. Our academic editors check all types of linguistic and formatting mistakes in your thesis and make it a zero-language error document.
  • One-on-One Thesis Consultation by an SME in Your Academic Domain
    Looking at the increasing number of doctoral candidates over the number of guides providing them thesis consulting services, we have made a positive change to offer you one-on-one thesis consultation by an assigned subject matter expert in your academic area. Such an SME is able to understand the terminology and facts presented in your thesis or research paper and then keep them accurate and presented within the appropriate context.
  • Personalised Thesis Help
    When we assign your PhD thesis to a subject matter expert, he/she interacts with you at a personal level and discusses your research work in detail. Based on his/her understanding of your entire research work, as well as your specific issues related to research, he/she offers relevant and beneficial tips and suggestions on solving those issues.

    For instance, if you are unable to select your thesis topic, then our experts will understand what your interests are, which topics may be feasible per your priorities, and what you may want to achieve from your study. Thus, all your requirements, priorities, and expectations are taken into account while delivering the right topics consultation to you. Similarly, discussions are held with you about your study before providing thesis writing, thesis editing, or research guidance solutions.

With us, you can be fully assured of receiving plagiarism-free content and complete security of your information. We never share your personal details or project information with any third party. We have been dedicatedly working ‘with’ our clients rather than working ‘for’ our clients. To know more about our way of work or to avail our research consulting and documentation services, you may email us at